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|[http://www.bticino.com/software/show/tif454 Downloads]
|[https://www.myopen-legrandgroup.com/devices/f454/ Downloads]

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Device Type OWN-ID Downloads
F452 Gateway 6 Download
F452V Gateway 7 Download
F453 Gateway 16 Download
F453AV Gateway 12 Downloads
F454 Gateway 51 Downloads

Simple Scenario Modules

Name Product# Info
F420 03551 max. 16 scenarios
IR 3456 88301 max. 20 scenarios

Smart Scenario Manager

Device Type OWN-ID Downloads
MH200 Scenario Manager 4 Downloads
MH200N Scenario Manager 44 Downloads

BTicino Software

Third Party Software

Software Description OS Downloads
ScenarX Nice application to manage scenarios on a F420 Windows Homepage