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Note that it seems to be ''stopped'' automatically after about 10 minutes - after having opened and closed a FTP connection.

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The following sections just list various bits and pieces of information - without any specific order - regarding the bticino F454. Of course there is always the possibility that the given information also applies to other bticino components.

Known flaws

root w/o password

At least in firmware versions v1.00.34, v1.00.37 and v1.00.45 the user root of the Linux system running on a F454 does not have a password set - by default. To be precises: It is the blank password.

This issue has been reported to bticino via it's community forum MY HOME on 2013/12/17 23:23 (see forum post). However, there hasn't been any reaction from any bticino/legrand representative yet.


All bticino gateway devices, not only the F454, use FTP for configuration up- and download. However the FTP server daemon is not running by default. It is started by configuration software, like TiF454, when doing a configuration up- or download - via a OWN WHO=13 command (DIMENSION WRITING, DIMENSION 31, VAL1 0):


Note that DIMENSION 34 also seems to have something to do with starting the FTP server daemon. However it remains unclear what and why.

It can also be stopped again (DIMENSION WRITING, DIMENSION 33, VAL1 0):


Note that it seems to be stopped automatically after about 10 minutes - after having opened and closed a FTP connection.


startssh is a "custom app" for the bticino F454. Its purpose is to start the SSH daemon "dropbear" at startup to allow SSH logins. dropbear is actually already part of the F454 firmware (known: v1.00.34, v1.00.37), but not started automatically for unknown reasons.

The source code can be downloaded here:


To get started please have a look at the README file.

TODO for joft: Basically include README text here - or at least essential parts.