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What is a scenario?

A scenario is a list of simple commands, stored in a scenario device like F420 (max. 16 scenarios) or IR 3456 (max. 20 scenarios). More and smarter scenarios can be stored in a scenario device like MH200 or the newer model MH200N. These smart scenario devices support event- and time-driven scenarios, even with IF-THEN-ELSE clauses.


Scenarios are launched in a similar way like lighting commands:

*0*5*89##        launch scenario #5, connected to address 89
*0*9*48#4#02##   launch scenario #9, connected to address 48 on interface 2

Since a scenario is just a list of commands, they don't have a status and therefore you can't do a status request on a scenario.

Programming a Scenario

To program a scenario, it has to be locked first and after programming it has to be unlocked. Instead of fiddling with OWN message to manage F420 scenarios, you should use a tool like ScenarX

WHAT Table

WHAT (F420) Description
1..16 Scenario 1 to 16
40#x Start recording scenario x
41#x Stop recording scenario x
42 Delete all scenarios
42#x Delete scenario x
43 Lock scenario module
44 Unlock scenario module
45 Scenario module not available
46 Memory full
WHAT (IR 3456) Description
1..20 Scenario 1 to 20
WHERE Address
01..99 Control Panel 01 to 99
WHO Table WHO=1 - Lighting